My Moment Missed

A couple of years ago I was in the garden with my mum and she was telling me about her roses. Then I decided to take some photos of them. As I was snapping away I glanced up and saw mum smelling her roses so I quickly snapped away on my camera – just in time to catch her look up at me like a startled gazelle.  So this image is my Moment Missed!

Needless to say I shrieked out at my mum nooo don’t move (poor mum I felt kinda guilty for intruding on her moment) and then asked her to recreate the moment. Now of course a recreated moment is no-where near as poignant as the captured moment but we still came up with a very special shot that we really love. So here is our recreated moment!

Every Christmas I remember this moment and as I was sitting reflecting on this photo I came up with the idea of this blog. A place where people can share their moments missed and their recreated shots.

I hope you like my idea and join my blog and share your recreated shots with us all.


Grill’d in Pink

who is that man in pinkAs we were waiting our food I thought I would snap a quick shot to put up on Facebook and tag us there. So I lined up our drinks and went to take the shot and their was a man in a pink shirt in the queue behind the shot. So I decided to rearrange our drinks and things on the table so we didn’t get him in the shot. Then I held up my phone and clicked!